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Social Gallery Pages

Social Gallery v2 now ships with Social Gallery Pages turned on by default. This feature is integral to Social Gallery and allows for professional sharing of images across social media. It’s combined with a “fallback URL” system which is a vast improvement from v1.4 and fixes the much discussed issue with comments & like associations. […]


Social Gallery v2 To Be Released SOON!

Good news to share! I have now finished (fingers crossed) V2 of Social Gallery. It’s been a mammoth update, lots of hard work & refining for more than a month, but it’s finally ready. I’m just putting the finishing touches to the files now and will upload it to CodeCanyon later today. They have to […]


Social Gallery with Disqus Comments [Experimental]

You read it right! You can now (or will soon be able too) use Disqus Comments with Social Gallery! As if Social Gallery wasn’t the best WordPress plugin ever already! There’s a little proviso though, that I have discovered as I work on Disqus integration. Disqus does not fully work with AJAX yet. As a result your results […]

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