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Guide: Social Gallery Add-Ons

Social Gallery Add-Ons are a new way to get more out of your Social Gallery Plugin. Initially conceived to give you “bolt on” extra features you can now add “Social Stat’s” recording & a Mobile version of Social Gallery (Social Gallery Mobile.) by installing these separate bolt on plugins. Once installed correctly these other plugins will show up as “installed” […]


Guide: Finding your Facebook ID for Facebook Comments Admin

From v1.4 you have been able to moderate comments that people have written against your Social Gallery images – the way you set this up is to enter your user Facebook ID into “Facebook Admin ID’s CSV” – this is a quick guide to setting this up quickly so you can deal with spammers/bad commenter’s (if  you […]


Social Gallery v1.2 Released!

As of today you can go ahead and get Social Gallery V1.2 on CodeCanyon. What’s new with version 1.2? More than just a small incremental update this new version adds a few new functionalities to Social Gallery that were well requested in the week since launch as well as fixing and improving the gallery plugin […]


Social Gallery with Disqus Comments [Experimental]

You read it right! You can now (or will soon be able too) use Disqus Comments with Social Gallery! As if Social Gallery wasn’t the best WordPress plugin ever already! There’s a little proviso though, that I have discovered as I work on Disqus integration. Disqus does not fully work with AJAX yet. As a result your results […]

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