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Guide: CSS3 Animations in Social Gallery

Use awesome animation effects to WOW your visitors In this guide we will look at the CSS3 Animation effects that have been available in Social Gallery since v2.0. These animations allow you to add fancy effects that show up when the Social Gallery image viewer loads and when it closes. CSS3 Animations were originally an […]


Moving from Social Gallery v1.4 to version 2.0

Now that Social Gallery version 2.0 is out it’s time for those of you who are still using v1.4 to upgrade (if you want to, it’s pretty kick ass so you should.) This is a quick post guiding you through some of the changes made to Social Gallery in this new major release and informing […]


Social Gallery Version 2.0 Released!

Good news everybody! Social Gallery Version 2.0 has just been released! After many weeks development you can now get Social Gallery Version 2.0 via CodeCanyon (here.) There’s a plethora of new features that come with Version 2.0, ranging from using Adsense with your socially shared images to flashy new CSS3 Animations, not to mention the […]

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