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Social Gallery with Disqus Comments [Experimental]

Social Gallery with Disqus Comments [Experimental]

You read it right! You can now (or will soon be able too) use Disqus Comments with Social Gallery! As if Social Gallery wasn’t the best WordPress plugin ever already!

There’s a little proviso though, that I have discovered as I work on Disqus integration. Disqus does not fully work with AJAX yet. As a result your results may vary when using Disqus with Social Gallery. v1.2 which will be released tomorrow (hopefully) is our best shot at integrating Disqus commenting as it is now, but their end there is a few things which needs finishing, so please be aware – if you go ahead and install v1.2 you may (most probably wont) experience lag (comments not appearing for 10~ish minutes.) Well actually that’s it, other than this seemingly random occurance of comments lagging behind the rest, Disqus works quite well within Social Gallery.

See it in Action:


There will be a guide to getting Disqus set up with Social Gallery here, personally I like it a lot more than Facebook Comments, though both work well with Social Gallery.

The great wins you will get by using Disqus with Social Gallery:

  • More control – Facebook Comments don’t have many customisation options
  • Better moderation – Disqus lets you moderate comments like you would WordPress blog comments
  • The data is yours – Disqus lets you take your data away with you – with Facebook you can’t actually get it!
  • People can log in via Facebook, Twitter, Names and more!


  • January 5, 2013

    Hi there, I am looking for a gallery plugin for my wordpress website for a local camera club. I’m using NextGen, but the camera club members REALLY want to be able to comment properly on all the photos which doesn’t seem to be possible with NextGen.

    Most of the users look at the site when they’re at work, where Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all blocked, so I thought using Disqus comments would be really good. This (I hope!) would let them comment on each individual photo without having to be on Facebook etc. Can you tell me if it’s possible to set your Social Gallery plugin up with NextGen gallery, WordPress, and Disqus?

    Many thanks – your plugin looks brilliant!
    D Green

  • Social Gallery Plugin
    January 17, 2013

    Hi D Green,

    Sorry for the slow response – it’s been hectic around here!

    Yeah it works with NextGen, WordPress and Disqus (but the disqus part is experimental – there’s cavaets as this post says.) – but it does work.

    Let me know if you need any further info, once you have purchased you can get any support you need via the forum!


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