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Social Gallery Version 2.0 Released!

Social Gallery Version 2.0 Released!

Good news everybody! Social Gallery Version 2.0 has just been released! After many weeks development you can now get Social Gallery Version 2.0 via CodeCanyon (here.)

There’s a plethora of new features that come with Version 2.0, ranging from using Adsense with your socially shared images to flashy new CSS3 Animations, not to mention the bucket loads of fixes, tweaks and improvements thrown in. V2 introduces the “Social Gallery Pages” model which should supercharge your social sharing (and has pretty urls!)

There’s a lot to say about Version 2.0 of Social Gallery and so there will be a number of blog posts elaborating on its added kick ass features over the coming week or so,  it’s become a mature, rounded plugin with this release and I hope you like it!

Also, it’s gone up in price – v1.4 was $14 but v2.0 via Code Canyon is now $25 – it’s still a bargain at this price considering all of the new features – but if you haven’t got a copy yet, get yours now!


For now check out the update’s change-log (woah there’s a lot of new stuff in version 2!)

Latest update: v2.0 – 13th December 2012 – Added Google Adsense compatibility, Social Gallery Pages, CSS3 Animations, Super Easy Install Wizard, Tumblr, Linked In, Google+ & Stumble Upon Sharing, Full Screen Mode, Theme Engine, Enhanced Management Area & Admin, Improved code efficiency & robustness and many more tweaks

  • Fixed bug in Option Backup
  • Fixed Chrome bug causing an undesirable scrollbar
  • Fixed a fault which occured when people incorrectly set Disqus options
  • Fixed Removed plugin background causing leak effects
  • Fixed Object To Array beta bug
  • Fixed mis-margin setting by some themes overriding css – better css resetting for image vertical-alignment
  • Fixed errors with renamed install zips
  • Fixed 4 bugs related to image proportion, gallery margin and scaling
  • Improvement: Re-engineered Image resizing using viewport methodology
  • Improvement: Added facebook style shadow
  • Improvement: All variables, functions and naming brought inline with convention & cleaned
  • Improvement: Seperate inclusion for all CSS3 effects for faster, effecient loading
  • Improvement: Settings backed up on upgrade
  • Improvement: Added capacity to enable/disable Social Gallery Pages function
  • Improvement: Refined “Social Gallery Pages” & fallback functionality to keep it simpler for users
  • Improvement: Re-wrote install wizard to simplify initial settings
  • Improvement: Made it easier to share Social Gallery and Earn a commision
  • Improvement: Catching of incorrectly loaded urls
  • Improvement: Redeveloped Social Gallery Plugin Homepage
  • Improvement: Library, Social Statistics & Update Engine Pages
  • Improvement: Updated documentation
  • Improvement: Tested & Tweaked for IE10
  • Improvement: Built specific social gallery encoder to ultimately minify code (for faster loading.)
  • Added Social Gallery Pages functionality
  • Added Social Gallery Pages customisation
  • Added ability to use Google Adsense in place of comments
  • Added CSS3 Animation’s for opening & closing Social Gallery [v2 easter egg]
  • Added Tumblr Sharing
  • Added Linked In Sharing
  • Added Google+ Sharing
  • Added FullScreen Mode
  • Added Full Image Library
  • Added PHP5 & viability checks
  • Added Image Library Acquisition (Two Levels of Scanner)
  • Added Image Library Social Statistics (Future module)
  • Added Social Statistics Acqusition
  • Added Install Wizard
  • Added Unique Url Formulation (
  • Added OG + Meta for Each Image.
  • Added Pretty Urls for Unique Social Gallery Pages
  • Added “As seen on” to unique Social Gallery Pages
  • Added FullScreen Mode icon
  • Added AJAX admin management
  • Added Progress bar and auto-resume to acquisition
  • Added Proper auto-resume
  • Added Image Viewing to Image Library
  • Added Compatible Themes & Plugins feed to homepage
  • Added Social Gallery News to homepage
  • Added functionality: Image Gallery Margin Setting
  • Added functionality: Image Gallery Enlarging via Setting
  • Added Proper full screen adjustments
  • Added “Forced fullscreen” mode
  • Added CSS Deselectors
  • Added Theme Engine pre-cursors
  • Added Theme Engine
  • Added 4 Starter-Themes
  • Added library storage of image dimensions
  • Added properly defined fullscreen mode so as it can deal with images of all sizes persistently and on the fly
  • Added functionality which allows local + remote images of all sizes
  • Added .noLightBox and .noSocialGallery defaults

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