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Social Gallery V2.2 – Stable Release

Social Gallery V2.2 – Stable Release

Social Gallery v2.2 has just been uploaded to CodeCanyon. It’s a stable release which rounds off the 60+ additions/fixes of v2.1 which was released about a fortnight ago. V2.2 fixes several bugs in V2.1 as well as adding a few more high-end admin tools and a cool feature that lets your users download images without right clicking. It’s a large update and will likely be the last update until a totally re-written Social Gallery 3.0 later in the year.

Major new features/Fixes:

  • Performance issue fixed for large sites
  • Latest Justified Image Grid Integration
  • Several other javascript bugs fixed
  • Prompt “Save As” for download link
  • Added functionality: Delete images from Social Gallery Library via “Image Library”
  • Added functionality: “Admin Tools” tab on settings (pro developers only)
  • Totally Compatible with Social Gallery Add-Ons


If you haven’t purchased it yet get it here, if you are already a Social Gallery user then here’s the steps to upgrading your Social Gallery:

  1. Go to CodeCanyon and login
  2. Click “Downloads” from the menu (top right)
  3. Find Social Gallery amongst your downloadable files
  4. Click “Download” and save the file as “” somewhere like your desktop
  5. Go to your blog’s admin screen (WP-Admin) -> Plugins
  6. Deactivate and Delete “Social Gallery Plugin”
  7. Install your new copy of Social Gallery via

.. If you need more help installing the update please see the included documentation in the plugin.


Update information:

Latest update: v2.2 – 28th March 2013 [Stable Release] – Performance fixes, Justified Image Grid Bug Fix and many more tweaks + additions

  • Changed references of “get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’)” to “site_url()”
  • Fixed a javascript bug in v2.1 with Justified Image Grid (JIG) titles
  • Fixed a v2.0 bug which didn’t show/hide “specific css selector” option on changing drop down selection
  • Fixed a bug with Justified Image Grid (JIG) setup not working with Justified Image Grid until whole page has loaded inc scripts.
  • Fixed the performance issue which was causing slow-downs for large scale sites
  • Removed “You have recently updated your settings, please crawl..” prompt as it seems to not be helpful any longer
  • Added functionality: Delete images from Social Gallery Library via “Image Library”
  • Added functionality: “Admin Tools” tab on settings
  • Added functionality: “Clear Image Library” – Advanced Admin Management function
  • Added functionality: “Clear Scan History” – Advanced Admin Management function
  • Added functionality: “Prompt to Download Images” – If enabled web site visitors clicking “Download” on an image will automatically get a prompt to “save file as…”
  • Added functionality: On/Off switch for “Prompt to Download” setting
  • Improved “Prompt to Download” – uses permalinks for each image download to stop scrapers + prettify


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