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Social Gallery V2.1 Released

Social Gallery V2.1 Released

As of now you can download Social Gallery v2.1 via CodeCanyon. It’s an increment update which addresses several bugs in v2.0 – with over 60 fixes + tweaks it brings Social Gallery v2.0 into a stable release. As well as many fixes there are some cool new features in v2.1:

  • You can now turn Social Gallery On or Off Per Page/Post
  • Social Gallery can now be turned On/Off for Mobiles/Tablets
  • You can now include HTML encoded strings for Titles
  • You can now specify descriptions PER image (via data-desc attribute)
  • Vastly improved Settings Model – (next version will feature backup/restore for settings)
  • Custom CSS via Settings – you can now enter Custom CSS for Social Gallery via Settings
  • Add-ons pre-cursors – there’s some improved functionality ahead of Add-ons launch

Social Gallery V2.1

If you haven’t purchased it yet get it here, if you are already a Social Gallery user then here’s the steps to upgrading your Social Gallery:

  1. Go to CodeCanyon and login
  2. Click “Downloads” from the menu (top right)
  3. Find Social Gallery amongst your downloadable files
  4. Click “Download” and save the file as “” somewhere like your desktop
  5. Go to your blog’s admin screen (WP-Admin) -> Plugins
  6. Deactivate and Delete “Social Gallery Plugin”
  7. Install your new copy of Social Gallery via

.. If you need more help installing the update please see the included documentation in the plugin.


Update information:

v2.1 – 15th March 2013Many stability improvements & Fixes, Mobile detecting, On/Off for Social Gallery Per-Post & Per-Page, Escaped HTML now allowed for title & Descriptions, Settings Backup and much more!, also pre-cursor update to Social Gallery Mobile & Stat’s Add-ons

  • Fixed bug in social crawler
  • Fixed a bug with Social Gallery Pages “title” attribute
  • Fixed a bug with facebook app Id’s incFBAppID
  • Fixed bug in mobile detector
  • Fixed sharedeck “undefined” issue
  • Fixed “http” -> “https” bug for twitter script include [Thank You David Wilks]
  • Fixed bug where tweet links to page (now links to Social Gallery Page or Fallback)
  • Fixed bug where g+ links to page (now links to Social Gallery Page or Fallback)
  • Fixed Bug in single-social-gallery-image template
  • Fixed options in single-social-gallery-image template
  • Fixed options in SocialGallery.Library.php
  • Fixed bug in title attribution – all titles should display correctly now
  • Fixed “X” close character overlap with scroll bar
  • Fixed broken link (aka “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” bug)
  • Removed swipe functionality from js
  • Removed SocialGalleryMobile.js
  • Removed some old legacy options from header
  • Removed “swipe” experimental functionality
  • Improved admin notice styling
  • Added Social Stats bridge functionality
  • Applied Fix for IE10 for navigation backgrounds [Thanks Jan Helleman] []
  • Added setting: delay for social media stat updates
  • Added addon finding functionality
  • Added “Addons” to settings screen
  • Added field retrieval for social stats
  • Added viewing of individual images via admin area (for comment moderation)
  • Added facebook comment validation
  • Added Social Gallery Page awareness to viewer + Social Gallery Page template
  • Added MobileDetect engine
  • Added On/Off for mobile switch/option
  • Added “Devices” page to settings
  • Added On/Off breakdown for mobile AND tablets
  • Added Tablet option for mobile switch
  • Added settings for Mobile addon
  • Added Overrides for Mobile addon
  • Added awareness of Mobile addon
  • Added option “Custom CSS” for overriding SG default CSS
  • Added “Disable Social Gallery Per Post/Page” meta boxes to posts/pages
  • Added esc_attr ready titles – you can now include encoded html in your titles to be output [Thanks Firsh]
  • Added capacity to specify HTML Descriptions PER IMAGE via HTML5 data attributes (data-desc on image link)
  • Added esc_attr HTML ready descriptions – you can now include encoded html in your description overrides to be output – HTML per images ūüėÄ [Thanks Firsh]
  • Added On/Off for “Disable Social Gallery Per Post/Page” feature to Settings
  • Added capacity to properly save “custom-social-gallery-image.php” templates
  • Wrote a proper options model/class
  • Wrote a “backup” routine for settings
  • Wrote migration to new options model
  • Settings Model complete with new upgrade path
  • Made settings page remember your tab when you save settings (persistent tabs)
  • Formally removed option “Include Swipe” [experimental feature]
  • Improved Add-on install validation + styling
  • Moved “Tweet Via” to settings page – allowing you to set your own Tweet Via @
  • Moved Facebook App ID to be included next to “Include FB Source” in settings
  • Tweaked Facebook App ID label
  • Updated pinterest share code in-line with there latest code
  • Pinterest doesn’t currently support AJAX adding of buttons, hence load new window:
  • Despite pinterests’ lack of compatability I have written a custom workaround – pinterest button now should be fixed via AJAX force
  • Implemented “Custom CSS” via front-end
  • Implemented Total disabling of Social Gallery per post/page, including header includes etc.
  • Moved Mobile Add-on settings to “Add-ons” tab in settings
  • Improved Justified Image Grid Mode to use new Selector from Firsh – .jigsSgConnect a.jig-loaded [Thanks Firsh]


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