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Social Gallery v1.2 Released!

Social Gallery v1.2 Released!

As of today you can go ahead and get Social Gallery V1.2 on CodeCanyon.

What’s new with version 1.2?

More than just a small incremental update this new version adds a few new functionalities to Social Gallery that were well requested in the week since launch as well as fixing and improving the gallery plugin as a whole.

Disqus Comments

Yep, as well as Facebook comments you can now also use the Disqus comment engine to add comments to your Social Gallery fuelled image viewing. Many users wanted an alternative to the Facebook comments integration in Social Gallery, seeing as out of the box v1.0 worked well with commenting but lacked moderation and because Facebook is often blocked by workplace and school networks lots of opportunities for comments can be lost by using just the Facebook comment plugin. So Disqus to the rescue! Mostly. Because Disqus does not yet have proper AJAX implementation the integration between Social Gallery and Disqus is limited, we hope in the future to be able to fully integrate Disqus and look forward to them releasing more AJAX functionality.

In the mean time please do test out Disqus with Social Gallery and let us know your experiences! Apart from an occasional “comment lag” we love using Disqus with Social Gallery. Read more about Disqus & Social Gallery.

More Customizable 

With v1.2 you can now customize more of Social Gallery! You can now additionally:

  • Toggle Facebook faces underneath the Facebook Like button
  • Choose between Disqus/Facebook Commenting systems
  • Add your own App ID…
…Use your own Facebook App ID!
To moderate your own Facebook comments you need to be able to use your own Facebook App ID, by default Social Gallery uses its own Facebook App ID, but for those of you who are familiar with the Facebook developers system this can now be overwritten. Read our Guide on getting a Facebook App ID for Social Gallery.

Proper Loading Image

Users of v1.0 who are showing high resolution photos amongst blog posts will appreciate this addition, we have added a much improved loading image which will show up while users are waiting for larger images to download.

Better Scrolling

Another minor fix/improvement in v1.2 is that the whole side bar now scrolls if required, this just glues the whole Social Gallery together better.

Several Fixes and Tweaks

v1.2 fixes 2 bugs (Left alignment issue, App ID issue) and introduces a better way of dealing with loading images and comments. We also tweaked some CSS.


If you haven’t already got a copy, head over to Social Gallery on CodeCanyon and get yours now, you can have Social Gallery v1.2 installed in just a few moments as it’s super easy to install!

If you already have a copy then come and join us on Facebook, where we will be voting on new features soon!

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