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Quotes from Happy Customers - Social Gallery User Reviews & Feedback

I’m very happy with the plugin. I think it’s genius, This is the most incredible plugin I have ever seen

Heather Wood, Ravenous Raven Design
Really happy with this amazing plugin

That worked a treat! I appreciate the quick response and for creating such an awesome plugin! =)

It worked perfectly! It’s amazing plugin! Congratulations!

João Paulo Pereira
That plugin is so f***ing goooood:-)

So u click on photo and then what…yeah thats ill

Jes King
The Social Gallery Plugin is one of the greatest features on my website. Almost everybody gets on Facebook once a day and they are all familiar with Facebook photos. Rather than making your viewers try and figure out another gallery viewer…get Social Gallery Plugin and your users will already be familiar with how to use it. Plus your website will go viral as long as you have pictures worth sharing.

Zack McKee,
BTW….absolutely brilliant plugin

Simon Rigby
This is by far the best gallery plugin for wordpress, because as it stands right now there’s no way to pin individual gallery photos from wordpress to pinterest, and this makes it extremely easy to do so.

Brandon Schlichter
One last thing. I’ve never donated to a plugin before, but I want to for this one. It’s that worth it to me

Michael Mangum
Let me start by saying I love the plugin

Steve Keys
Hello and thank you very much for your plugin! It’s really great!

Monique phou
I am a big fan of Social Gallery – yes, it’s $14 (developer’s have to eat, too), but that’s very reasonable for what it does. I would recommend checking it out.

Congratulations for this plugin, a very good job

5 stars it’s what your plugin deserves, believe me!

Marco La Ferla
Already voted 5 stars man, love this plugin!

Marco La Ferla
Great plugin – thanks a lot, I have been looking for something like this for a while!

Matt Newman
Plugin is really great. Keep up the good work, folks!

Thanks for your hard work on this wonderful plugin. Works great in WordPress.

Awesome support! Thank you for being quick with responses

Paul Graafmans
This is the plugin I have been looking for! So awesome! 

Really happy with this amazing plugin

Fine plugin! I recommend!

Wow this is an amazing plugin

This plugin is awesome! Thank you for creating it!

Mike, dontlaughmeow
Love it! I use FB to redirect fans back to my site to view complete galleries. This plugin makes it almost seamless!

David Wilks, now4dw
Awesome service too… even when I asked a ‘duhhhhh’ question  Thanks for your patience.

David Wilks, now4dw
Love the plugin, I have several gallery plugins i.e. fancy gallery, royal, and more. 

This plugin is awesome. The css selectors really make it kickass. It’s working perfectly, thank you for building it and especially for taking the time to provide awesome support for noobs like myself.

This plugin is awesome. Great support behind it as well.

I just wanted to thank Woody for creating this plugin and for the prompt responses he’s given. He’s always very helpful and answered all of my questions and fixed any issues I’ve have so far. Just wanted to show some love.

Mike, dontlaughmeow
This is great. I purchased it and am very pleased.

Many thanks for a really fantastic plugin, it works really well and your support when I had an issue earlier was second to none. Really first class. 

Hi There – This plugin is awesome. Everything I was looking for and more. I use it with NextGEN gallery.

Hello! I just purchased social gallery plugin and made the adjustment to the NextGen Gallery: the plugin is working great !!!

Hello! And thank you very much for your plugin! It’s really great!

The social sharing aspect of it is absolutely amazing!

I saw, love your plugin and i said “i have to buy this plugin man” 

Gokhan CANADA, pantegra
Excellent plugin. Exactly what i have been looking for! Thanks.

I just installed this a few days ago and it is exactly what I was looking for! Excellent plugin!

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