Social Gallery is now Compatible with Justified Image Grid

Social Gallery is Compatible with Justified Image Grid!

If your a keen WordPress user you probably know about Justified Image Grid, it’s a very popular way of showing your galleries in WordPress directly and a fantastic way to add some more interactivity to your blog images.

Well here’s the good news. Justified Image Grid now works with Social Gallery. That’s right – you can MULTIPLY the interactivity and engagement of your blog viewers by offering them a combination of flickr/google+ style image galleries combined with a really social and engaging lightbox. What’s more, as of V1.4 its really really easy to integrate Social Gallery into your Justified Image Grid.

How do I make Social Gallery work with the Justified Image Grid plugin?

Good question, it’s really quite easy, follow these two steps to set up Social Gallery with the JIG WordPress plugin.


1. From the Social Gallery Settings screen select the Justified Image Grid mode from the Gallery Mode drop down list

2. Next go to the Justified Image Grid settings page and select No Lightbox from the lightbox settings. Then your done!


If you haven’t already – get the Justified Image Grid WordPress plugin, it’s great!