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Social Gallery is Acquired by Epic


It’s been fantastic to build up Social Gallery to 1500 wonderful users and beyond, I’ve had a great time developing this plugin and working with our users. Today Social Gallery has been acquired by, our friendly plugin producer who’s been inventing plugins nearly as long as we have!

For all of you Social Gallery users and future users – nothing is going to change for the worse, in fact – things can only get better – Social Gallery will sit at pride of place in the Epic Plugins suite of plugins and will get substantially more love and attention than we have been able to give it over the past year since it was first released on Code Canyon.

I’d recommend you go over to Epic Plugins and check out their other plugins and watch out for a superb new add-on for Social Gallery which Epic Plugins have been developing. If your on the newsletter list you’ll probably hear about this very soon 😉

Thanks to all of you for supporting and using Social Gallery, it’s been a ball.



Social Gallery Creator

P.S. If you want to follow me and see what else I go on to invent in the next few months please follow me @WoodyHayday & @StormGate


  • March 12, 2014

    Hi would love to use your plug-in but I am not sure if it works with the suffusion theme. Can I try it and then pay if it works? If you know it works, please point me to a sample site.

    Cheers, Phil

    • Mike Stott
      March 14, 2014

      Hi dealt with via the support portal.

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