Social Gallery WordPress Plugin

Social Gallery Examples

Here you can see the Social Gallery Plugin for WordPress in action, simply click any of the images below to see Social Gallery at play:

Click one:

You can also use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through photo’s once you are in Social Gallery!
Snow Cat Attack
… and the Escape key to close the Social Gallery.
When Fullscreen mode is enabled you can use Social Gallery in full screen (just click the full screen icon in the top right!)
Wild Space
With Social Gallery Pages every image get’s its own Social Page…
The Sea
… this is great for professionally enabling Social Sharing that really drives user engagement…
… Try clicking on the image name in the bottom left bar of the Social Gallery View to see a Social Gallery Page in action!

Note: These images are all very high resolution, they should look great on everyone’s screens but they might take a moment to load. In practice you can reduce the size of images to make them load faster! Also, there are many settings available in Social Gallery, to see more check out “More Social Gallery Examples” below.

More Social Gallery Examples…


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