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Change Log:

Version 3.8.6 – 19th April 2014

>> Improvement of image scanner
>> Update for Universal Analytics (Google)
>> NextGen image scanner fix
>> Sites with lots of images improved performance

Version 3.8.5

>> Addition of  filter to prevent the open + close effect

Version 3.8.4

>> Update to fix the warning on install that headers already sent

Version 3.8 – 25th November 2013

>> Improvement of Social Gallery auto update core
>> Readiness for WordPress 3.8

Version 3.7 – 12th November 2013

>> Improvement to auto update

Version 3.6 – 12th November 2013

>> Fix to Social Gallery Page Template
>> Code added for auto load 
>> outsourced for quicker updates

Version 3.5 – 11th November 2013

>>Fix where plugin slug was mentioning sgvideo

Version 3.4 – 9th November 2013

>>CSS fixes to mobile lightbox

Version 3.3 – 5th November 2013

>>Adding settings options for FB share and JiG overlay
>>Improved CSS in certain areas
>>Improved stability when FB is not defined

Version 3.2 – 3rd November 2013

>> Update for verified plugin 
>> Minor bug fixes and improvements

v3.1 – 3rd November 2013

- Epic Automatic Update Core built into the plugin
- License code verification
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Stable base for future versions
- Future versions handled through Epic Automatic Updates

v3.0 – 20th October 2013

>> Image Tagging of the Lightbox photos *NEW*
>> Face Detection of faces in images *NEW*
>> Image scanner now scans custom posts *NEW*
>> Welcome page with support resources *NEW*
>> Google Analytics image views tracked *NEW*
>> Social Analytics basic functionality added *NEW*
>> SocialSMART basic functionality added *NEW*
>> Facebook SHARE button added *NEW*
>> NextGen 2.0+ Compatibile *FIX*
>> Justified Image Grid Load More compatibility *FIX*
>> Tumblr share button fixed when using Social Gallery Pages *FIX*
>> Image scanner improved to be more stable and pick up all NextGen images *FIX*

v2.3 – 9th August 2013

»  Improved theme compatibility 'out of the box'
»  Stronger image scanner which runs more reliably 

v2.2 – 28th March 2013 [Stable Release] – Performance fixes, Justified Image Grid Bug Fix and many more tweaks + additions

»  Changed references of "get_bloginfo('wpurl')" to "site_url()"
»  Fixed a javascript bug in v2.1 with Justified Image Grid (JIG) titles
»  Fixed a v2.0 bug which didn't show/hide "specific css selector" option
»  ... on changing drop down selection
»  Fixed a bug with Justified Image Grid (JIG) setup not working with
»  ... Justified Image Grid until whole page has loaded inc scripts.
»  Fixed the performance issue which was causing slow-downs for large scale sites
»  Removed "You have recently updated your settings, please crawl.."
»  ... prompt as it seems to not be helpful any longer
»  Added functionality: Delete images from Social Gallery Library via "Image Library"
»  Added functionality: "Admin Tools" tab on settings
»  Added functionality: "Clear Image Library" - Advanced Admin Management function
»  Added functionality: "Clear Scan History" - Advanced Admin Management function
»  Added functionality: "Prompt to Download Images" - If enabled web site visitors
»  ... clicking "Download" on image - automatically get a prompt to "save file as..."
»  Added functionality: On/Off switch for "Prompt to Download" setting
»  Improved "Prompt to Download" - uses permalinks for each image download
»  ... to stop scrapers + prettify

v2.1 – 15th March 2013 – Many stability improvements & Fixes, Mobile detecting, On/Off for Social Gallery Per-Post & Per-Page, Escaped HTML now allowed for title & Descriptions, Settings Backup and much more!, also pre-cursor update to Social Gallery Mobile & Stat’s Add-ons and Justified Image Grid Improvement

»  Fixed bug in social crawler
»  Fixed a bug with Social Gallery Pages "title" attribute
»  Fixed a bug with facebook app Id's incFBAppID
»  Fixed bug in mobile detector
»  Fixed sharedeck "undefined" issue
»  Fixed "http" -> "https" bug for twitter script include [Thank You David Wilks]
»  Fixed bug where tweet links to page (now links to Social Gallery Page or Fallback)
»  Fixed bug where g+ links to page (now links to Social Gallery Page or Fallback)
»  Fixed Bug in single-social-gallery-image template
»  Fixed options in single-social-gallery-image template
»  Fixed options in SocialGallery.Library.php
»  Fixed bug in title attribution - all titles should display correctly now
»  Fixed "X" close character overlap with scroll bar
»  Fixed broken link (aka "You do not have sufficient access this page" bug)
»  Removed swipe functionality from js
»  Removed SocialGalleryMobile.js
»  Removed some old legacy options from header
»  Removed "swipe" experimental functionality
»  Improved admin notice styling
»  Added Social Stats bridge functionality
»  Applied Fix for IE10 for navigation backgrounds [Thanks Jan Helleman] 
»  ...
»  Added setting: delay for social media stat updates
»  Added addon finding functionality
»  Added "Addons" to settings screen
»  Added field retrieval for social stats
»  Added viewing of individual images via admin area (for comment moderation)
»  Added facebook comment validation
»  Added Social Gallery Page awareness to viewer + Social Gallery Page template
»  Added MobileDetect engine
»  Added On/Off for mobile switch/option
»  Added "Devices" page to settings
»  Added On/Off breakdown for mobile AND tablets
»  Added Tablet option for mobile switch
»  Added settings for Mobile addon
»  Added Overrides for Mobile addon
»  Added awareness of Mobile addon
»  Added option "Custom CSS" for overriding SG default CSS
»  Added "Disable Social Gallery Per Post/Page" meta boxes to posts/pages
»  Added esc_attr ready titles - you can now include encoded html in your titles [Thanks Firsh]
»  Added capacity to specify HTML Descriptions PER IMAGE via HTML5 data attributes
»  Added esc_attr HTML ready descriptions:
»  ...You can now include encoded html in your description overrides to be output
»  ...HTML per images :D [Thanks Firsh]
»  Added On/Off for "Disable Social Gallery Per Post/Page" feature to Settings
»  Added capacity to properly save "custom-social-gallery-image.php" templates
»  Wrote a proper options model/class
»  Wrote a "backup" routine for settings
»  Wrote migration to new options model
»  Settings Model complete with new upgrade path
»  Made settings page remember your tab when you save settings (persistent tabs)
»  Formally removed option "Include Swipe" [experimental feature]
»  Improved Add-on install validation + styling
»  Moved "Tweet Via" to settings page - allowing you to set your own Tweet Via @
»  Moved Facebook App ID to be included next to "Include FB Source" in settings
»  Tweaked Facebook App ID label
»  Updated pinterest share code in-line with there latest code
»  Despite pinterests' lack of compatability I have written a custom workaround 
»  Implemented "Custom CSS" via front-end
»  Implemented Total disabling of Social Gallery per post/page, including includes
»  Moved Mobile Add-on settings to "Add-ons" tab in settings
»  Improved Justified Image Grid Mode
»  Use's new Selector from Firsh - .jigsSgConnect a.jig-loaded [Thanks Firsh]

v2.0 – 13th December 2012 – Added Google Adsense compatibility, Social Gallery Pages, CSS3 Animations, Super Easy Install Wizard, Tumblr, Linked In, Google+ & Stumble Upon Sharing, Full Screen Mode, Theme Engine, Enhanced Management Area & Admin, Improved code efficiency & robustness and many more tweaks

»  Fixed bug in Option Backup
»  Fixed Chrome bug causing an undesirable scrollbar
»  Fixed a fault which occured when people incorrectly set Disqus options
»  Fixed Removed plugin background causing leak effects
»  Fixed Object To Array beta bug
»  Fixed mis-margin setting by some themes overriding css 
»  Fixed errors with renamed install zips
»  Fixed 4 bugs related to image proportion, gallery margin and scaling
»  Improvement: Better css resetting for image vertical-alignment
»  Improvement: Re-engineered Image resizing using viewport methodology
»  Improvement: Added facebook style shadow
»  Improvement: All variables, functions and naming brought inline & cleaned
»  Improvement: Seperate inclusion for all CSS3 effects for faster, effecient loading
»  Improvement: Settings backed up on upgrade
»  Improvement: Added capacity to enable/disable Social Gallery Pages function
»  Improvement: Refined "Social Gallery Pages" 
»  Improvement: Fallback functionality to keep it simpler for users
»  Improvement: Re-wrote install wizard to simplify initial settings
»  Improvement: Made it easier to share Social Gallery and Earn a commision
»  Improvement: Catching of incorrectly loaded urls
»  Improvement: Redeveloped Social Gallery Plugin Homepage
»  Improvement: Library, Social Statistics & Update Engine Pages
»  Improvement: Updated documentation
»  Improvement: Tested & Tweaked for IE10
»  Improvement: Built specific social gallery encoder to ultimately minify code
»  Improvement: Faster loading.
»  Added Social Gallery Pages functionality
»  Added Social Gallery Pages customisation
»  Added ability to use Google Adsense in place of comments
»  Added CSS3 Animation's for opening & closing Social Gallery [v2 easter egg]
»  Added Tumblr Sharing
»  Added Linked In Sharing
»  Added Google+ Sharing
»  Added FullScreen Mode
»  Added Full Image Library
»  Added PHP5 & viability checks
»  Added Image Library Acquisition (Two Levels of Scanner)
»  Added Image Library Social Statistics (Future module)
»  Added Social Statistics Acqusition
»  Added Install Wizard
»  Added Unique Url Formulation (
»  Added OG + Meta for Each Image.
»  Added Pretty Urls for Unique Social Gallery Pages
»  Added "As seen on" to unique Social Gallery Pages
»  Added FullScreen Mode icon
»  Added AJAX admin management
»  Added Progress bar and auto-resume to acquisition
»  Added Proper auto-resume
»  Added Image Viewing to Image Library
»  Added Compatible Themes & Plugins feed to homepage
»  Added Social Gallery News to homepage
»  Added functionality: Image Gallery Margin Setting
»  Added functionality: Image Gallery Enlarging via Setting
»  Added Proper full screen adjustments
»  Added "Forced fullscreen" mode
»  Added CSS Deselectors
»  Added Theme Engine pre-cursors
»  Added Theme Engine
»  Added 4 Starter-Themes
»  Added library storage of image dimensions
»  Added fullscreen mode so as it can deal with images of all sizes 
»  Added fullscreen to work persistently and on the fly
»  Added functionality which allows local + remote images of all sizes
»  Added .noLightBox and .noSocialGallery defaults

v1.4 – 10th September 2012 – Integration with Justified Image Grid, Added Disqus Comments, Improved loading and many more tweaks

»  Added Integration with Justified Image Grid
»  Added Swipe Gestures [experimental] for mobile
»  Added Download Image Link Functionality
»  Added Automatic Update Checking
»  Added "Share your options with developer" functionality
»  Added Stronger CSS rules to Social Gallery 
»  CSS Resets SG to appear the same throughout your differing themes
»  Added Automatic NextGen Compatability Features
»  Added NextGen Gallery Overview Mode
»  Added NextGen Widget Only Mode
»  Added NextGen Thumbnails Mode
»  Added NextGen Compatability Mode
»  Added Gallery Compatability Mode
»  Added Compatability Mode
»  Added Page Images Mode
»  Updated Post Images Mode
»  Updated Help Documentation
»  Fixed a bug with Disqus script inclusion

v1.3 – 28th August 2012

»  Several minor fixes

v1.2 – 26th July 2012

»  Added Disqus Commenting
»  Added Option to toggle faces on Facebook Like/Send button
»  Added Loading image
»  Added Social links to config header
»  Added capacity to override Facebook App ID
»  Added showcase links
»  Added upgrade routine (1.0->1.2)
»  Fixed Pinterest bug
»  Fixed alignment of images Bug
»  Improved Documentation
»  Numerous tiny tweaks and refactoring

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