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Guide: Using Social Gallery with Justified Image Grid

Guide: Using Social Gallery with Justified Image Grid
Ever since v1.4 Social Gallery has worked with Justified Image Grid, it’s a fantastic plugin and creates some really awesome gallery effects, what’s more it’s developer (Firsh) is a great guy. In this quick guide I’ll show you how easy it is to set up  Social Gallery and Justified Image Grid to work together – it’s really as easy as changing two settings!


Step 1. Go to the Justified Image Grid Settings, Click “Lightboxes” button and then select Social Gallery and save the settings.



Step 2. Go to Social Gallery -> Settings, From the general settings page select “Justified Image Grid” Mode and save the settings.


That’s it – your WordPress blog is now set up to use the awesome Justified Image Grid with Social Gallery!



Check out our Justified Image Grid examples page if you want to see it in action 😀


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