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Guide: Social Gallery Plugin with Disqus Comments

As from v1.2 of the Social Gallery Plugin you can now switch between  Facebook and Disqus commenting systems. You can read more about why that’s cool here, this page is a guide to setting up Disqus with Social Gallery.

Getting Disqus Setup with Social Gallery in 5 easy steps

If you want to use Disqus with Social Gallery, follow these 5 steps to get it setup. You can click the images to zoom in, each one also has the step in the description so you can go through this whole guide in proper Social Gallery style, skipping through the steps!

1. The first step to adding Disqus is to goto and click the orange “Get-this-on-your-site” button:

2. Enter your details as the Disqus page explains, the shortname you enter here is what you need to remember for Social Gallery!

3. Once you have successfully registered with Disqus you will be shown a page like this, from here click “General” on the top left.

4. As you can see indicated by the red arrow in this next image your shortname is displayed with a pink background. Copy this down, this is the option you need for the next step!

5. The Last Step! Hooray! Load up your WordPress admin, click Social Gallery on the menu and find the Disqus Comments tickbox, tick it, enter your Shortname from Disqus then hit Save. Your Done!


Hopefully you didn’t hit any snags and you now have Social Gallery all set up to work with Disqus, I recommend loading up an image on your blog and giving it a test! Thanks for using Social Gallery!

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