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Guide: Social Gallery and Mobile Devices (Including Tablets)

Guide: Social Gallery and Mobile Devices (Including Tablets)

As of v2.1 Social Gallery is now mobile device aware.

Many users of v2.0 and v1.4 of Social Gallery wanted to use custom mobile lightboxes, as well as Social Gallery Mobile (mobile lightbox.) To make this possible Social Gallery now detects whether your visitors are loading  the page via a mobile device or a tablet – and it lets you switch Social Gallery on or off depending on what it detects.

From the Settings->Devices tab you can enable / disable Social Gallery for Mobiles and/or Tablets. This allows you to hide Social Gallery for users on Mobile devices etc.


Show/Hide for mobiles + tablets


*Note on using Social Gallery Mobile with this setting:

Social Gallery Mobile requires you to have both of these options enabled if you want to use it for the respective devices – e.g. once you have Social Gallery mobile turned on you’ll need to also enable these if you have them disabled. Then Social Gallery will show it’s normal version for desktop users and Social Gallery Mobile for mobile/tablet users.


  • November 16, 2013

    The Social Gallery does not run on devices using the Windows Phone 8. The image is cut in half and the lightbox is not working. In the Device Settings options are both turned on. If I turn off the first option, then you only see the image and must always awkward click back, because together with the Social Gallery yes no Lightbox must be used. I’m using the NextGen.
    best regards

    • Mike Stott
      November 19, 2013

      This should be solved via the mobile add on (PRO mobile lightbox)

      • March 18, 2014

        I am using paid version of both social gallery Version 3.8.2 and Social Gallery: Mobile Version 1.3. Both the options are enable for mobile and tablet but still i cant see light boxes for my images on most tablets and mobile devices. Whats the problem?

  • January 19, 2014

    Ok I think I finally have Social Gallery working. Yet I have two issues, one of which is major. I have the options turned on for mobile and tablets, yet when you view a photo on mobile or tablet. The photo opens on its own page with no social gallery, this is bad it allows for downloads and no way back to the gallery. How to I fix this? Second my icon/photo next to my Site name on social gallery does not show up. It displays a broken file img, how do I fix that as well? I really need help to get these issues resloved. You can see what am speaking of here just click an image and you will see, also try it mobile/tab and see that issue as well. Your help would be very nice.

    • Mike Stott
      January 19, 2014


      All support is handled via our Support Portal – please use that for support


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