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Guide: Finding your Facebook ID for Facebook Comments Admin

Guide: Finding your Facebook ID for Facebook Comments Admin
From v1.4 you have been able to moderate comments that people have written against your Social Gallery images – the way you set this up is to enter your user Facebook ID into “Facebook Admin ID’s CSV” – this is a quick guide to setting this up quickly so you can deal with spammers/bad commenter’s (if  you have any!)


Step 1. Find your facebook ID – this is the ID for your personal account on Facebook – it’s a number and looks like this: 593049234. If you don’t know where to look/how to get this – use this useful website.

(Note if you have several users who need to be able to moderate comments, simply concatenate their ID’s with comma’s in between, e.g. “213123,231304,1232432”)

Step 2. Put your facebook ID (or CSV of ID’s) into the corresponding option on the front page (general) of Social Gallery Stats:



Step 3. Moderate to your hearts content! You should now be able to moderate comments in-line within Social Gallery as this following example shows:


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