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Guide: Facebook App ID for use with Social Gallery (For FB Comments & Like/Send Buttons)

As from v1.2 you can now specify your very own Facebook App ID for use within Social Gallery. By specifying your own App ID you get the following benefits:

Note: Social Gallery Will Work without adding your own App ID, it defaults to using our ID, this option was only added for those who want to continue using Facebook comments and take more control of the plugin, it is not essential to add your own (though we would recommend it!)

Getting a Facebook App ID for using in Social Gallery:

There are lots of great guides to getting a Facebook  App ID already online, rather than rehash these I will link you to the best one I have found:

Adding your Facebook App ID to Social Gallery

Once you have got an App ID it’s a 30 second job to add it to Social Gallery. Just load up your WordPress admin, Click the “Social Gallery” menu item and then add your App ID in the appropriate box:

After that just click “Save config” and your done! Enjoy the new power of owning your own App!

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