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Guide: Enable/disable Social Gallery per post/page

Guide: Enable/disable Social Gallery per post/page

Disable Social Gallery for the odd post or page

This feature was added to Social Gallery in v2.2 – when enabled this allows you to disable Social Gallery on a per page/post basis.

To enable this feature go to the Social Gallery settings and then turn it on under “General” settings:

Enable/Disable per page



When this feature is enabled you will see a box as follows under any posts/pages you edit – allowing you to “hard turn off” Social Gallery for that page or post.


… checking this box disables Social Gallery for this specific post or page. Social Gallery won’t load at all on any page with this checked – it won’t load the javascript/assets or add any code overhead to your page/post.


  • May 9, 2014


    I have a really strange thing with Enable/Disable per page/post button. I enabled this option in the general settings of social gallery and tried to use it for my home page BUT when I open my web site or refresh the page, this option doesn’t work. It means that the the social gallery restart to work every time. I ticked already several time this square, but nothing to do: the social gallery restart to work! I am exhausted. I have now only one solution now- to desinstall completely the social gallery, but it isn’t a good solution because I need it for other pages of my web-site.

    Why I have this problem? and how to solve it?
    Thanks in advance for your reply

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