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Guide: Custom CSS in Social Gallery

Guide: Custom CSS in Social Gallery
Most Social Gallery users like the default styles included, but occasionally you may want to override the style of some Social Gallery elements, perhaps to make Social Gallery fit in with your site’s look and feel better. This is totally possible, it has been in a minor way since v1.4. Now it’s even easier though! From version 2.2 onwards you can now add any Custom CSS you want to directly into the settings in Social Gallery! Any CSS you enter here will get included after the default Social Gallery CSS so you can put CSS here that you want to affect the Social Gallery Viewer.


  • Change the colours of different elements of Social Gallery
  • Change the fonts of different elements (base bar, download link etc.)
  • “Buttonise” the download link
  • Add cool background images

In this example we make the bottom bar red instead of black:

Step 1. Add any custom CSS you have into the “Custom CSS” box in Social Gallery Settings -> Styles

Social Gallery - Custom CSS


What that does to Social Gallery…


That’s it for this very quick guide. Custom CSS is a really useful feature available from v2.2!
*Note: Not every element will allow you to override it via CSS here, some integral workings of Social Gallery need to retain control of some CSS attributes.

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