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Guide: Admin Tools – Web Developer’s Only

Guide: Admin Tools – Web Developer’s Only

Admin Tools were added to Social Gallery (under settings menu) in v2.2 – these tools are designed to be used by users who know exactly what they are doing or those who have been advised to use them by members of Social Gallery Support. Please make sure you read the disclaimer before using any tools on this page.

Here’s what you can do via Admin Tools:

Clear Image Library

Sometimes you may want to rebuild your whole Social Gallery image library – you *could* do this by dumping the table in the database (we don’t recommend this!) – but this can lead to accidental mishaps. Using this Admin tool you can quickly and easily empty the Image Library correctly without impacting Social Gallery.

Clear Scan History

Likewise you may want to clear the history of scanning posts occasionally – perhaps you’ve updated a number of galleries that need refreshing in Social Gallery. This tool will save you needing to dig around in the MySQL database.


NOTE! Please do read the disclaimer when using these two – loosing Social Gallery Pages by clearing the image library would really suck!

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