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Gallery Share Plugin

Social Gallery is the original Gallery Share Plugin, first created in June of 2012 Social Gallery was built to replace old WordPress integrated light-boxes and provide some really neat functionality, adding social comments likes, shares and tweets, just for a start! There is so much more that you can do with the power of your blog images than to offer a zoomed in view (no disrespect, we love lightboxes!) and from this idea Social Gallery was born. Since then much has improved with Social Gallery, it’s had hundreds of sales on CodeCanyon and has become the best way to share galleries (some say it’s the ultimate Gallery Share Plugin!)

The Original Gallery Share Plugin – From Disqus to Justified Image Grid

With several mature updates under its belt Social Gallery has become quite a robust gallery-share plugin. It empowers you to add comment’s to your blog images using not only facebook comments but also Disqus too. Furthermore it offers out of the box compatibility options beyond all the other gallery share plugin’s – working with NextGen, Justified Image grid and others. In fact the Social Gallery integration with Justified Image Grid (JIG) has been most rewarding to it’s users – many have said great things about using the two together to create great share-able galleries.

The Perfect Picture – Share your Gallery with the Social Gallery Plugin

Whether your displaying art or products, cars or ladies, Social Gallery is now by far the perfect WordPress plugin for adding Gallery share capacities, helping you to engage your users more fluidly and creating 3x the comments, likes and shares that the other imitation plugins create. Check out the code canyon reviews to see how many 5 Star ratings the plugin has today as customer service and fantastic support are two things that Social Gallery pride’s itself in, designed to be usable by everyone and supported when you run into problems. Few other plugins offer such great support, no other Gallery Share plugin certainly expects to keep developing future improvements without charging you more!

So if you haven’t already realised. Social Gallery is the ORIGINAL Gallery Share Plugin, come and join the community of happy plugin users!

©2012 Social Gallery Plugin - Please note: Social Gallery Plugin is in no way related to Facebook, Social Gallery is a Gallery Share Plugin for WordPress.