Social Gallery WordPress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our frequently asked questions for the Social Gallery Plugin. This page will be updated as we get frequently asked questions.


Does Social Gallery work with the NextGen Gallery plugin?

Yes. See this post for how to make it work (you have to change one NextGen option.) In fact from V1.4 NextGen compatibility is natively integrated into Social Gallery!
Social Gallery and NextGen Gallery Plugin
See Social Gallery & NextGen Gallery In action


Does Social Gallery work with the Justified Image Grid plugin?

Yes. From V1.4 Justified Image Grid plugin compatibility is natively integrated into Social Gallery! Guide to using Social Gallery with Justified Image Grid Plugin
Social Gallery is Compatible with Justified Image Grid!
See Social Gallery & Justified Image Grid (JIG) In action


Does Social Gallery work with the In-Post WordPress Galleries?

Yes. Provided you make sure your galleries are set to point image links towards “Image Files” and not “attachment pages” Social Gallery works well with the default in-post WordPress Galleries.
Social Gallery and WordPress In-post Galleries
See Social Gallery & WordPress Gallery In action


Will Social Gallery Work with My Theme?

In 99% of cases yes – 90% of themes will work with Social Gallery without even changing a theme setting – 5% will need you to turn off the lightbox in the theme manually and perhaps another 5% will need a little more customisation – Only very very few themes have problems with Social Gallery, we will always help you make sure Social Gallery works with your theme via the Support Forum, but more often than not it “just works”.

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