Social Gallery WordPress Plugin

Donate & Support

On this page you will find Supporters & Donators who have helped Social Gallery grow into the plugin it is today. If you were looking for support please check out the forums.


From the beginning of Social Gallery there have been a number of people who have given helpful feedback and input, I’ll try to keep a list here of those who have given outstanding support to the plugin development, if I’ve missed you off the list I do apologise, let me know in the forums!

  • Mike Stott
  • Jonathan Gill
  • Joe @ Astra Suite
  • Charles Lapointe
  • Robert Marleton
  • Michael Magnum
  • Firsh (Justified Image Grid)


The following people have made ongoing donations to Social Gallery to keep development flowing and to help us all get more out of the plugin. Many thanks to these awesome people for their generosity. You yourself can join this list by donating below!

  • Mike Stott
  • Michael Mangum
  • Dennis Holloway

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