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Social Gallery Mobile

Social Gallery Mobile adds a mobile designed version of Social Gallery (the ultimate social lightbox) to your setup. When enabled it will show up for mobile users in place of the standard Social Gallery. This lets you show a mobile specific lightbox to users on mobile devices.

  • Built for mobile from the ground up
  • Swipe through images in a slider fashion
  • Simplified GUI for mobile

Social Gallery Mobile was intended to be a standalone mobile lightbox as well as a strong addition to Social Gallery Pro, as it stands it’ll only run with Social Gallery so you get a lightbox that isn’t available generally!

Social Gallery Mobile: Screenshots

Social Gallery Mobile - iPad 2012 Swipe nav

iPad 2012 Swipe nav

Social Gallery Mobile - iPhone 3GS Swipe navigation

iPhone 3GS Swipe navigation

Social Gallery Mobile - Portriat on iPad 2012

Social Gallery Mobile – Portriat on iPad 2012

If you spot a bug or have a feature idea for Add-ons please email
Screenshots from mobile devices which this doesn’t look perfect on will also help (please email to this email ^)


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